MiB: Maria Vassalou, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

  This week, we speak with Dr. Maria Vassalou, co-chief investment officer of multi-asset solutions at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Previously, she worked at Soros Capital Management and with Steve Cohen at SAC Capital. Prior to her career in asset management, Dr. Vassalou was an associate professor of finance at Columbia Business School, which she […]

Links 3/4/2023 | naked capitalism

I’ve Optimized My Health to Make My Life as Long and Unpleasant as Possible McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies Florence and her cubs give hope that west African lion can come roaring back Guardian (resilc) Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’: Colombia proposes new solution Washington Post (furzy) At least 3,500 sea lions in Peru have recently died of […]

Hero of World Taking us To WWIII

Posted Mar 4, 2023 by Martin Armstrong Spread the love https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Zelensky-Role-Model.mp4 Categories: Humor « Biden – Hey – I’m Not Dead Yet Register for Blog Update Alerts Subscribe Form Email * Blog Categories !Private Blog Content (User Login Required) Armstrong Economics 101 AI Computers Asset Allocate Basic Concepts ECM Economics Inflation […]

Antifragile children – Econlib

The Schweizer Monat is probably the oldest conservative-libertarian publications in Europe. Perhaps not surprisingly, it is a Swiss-German magazine: Germans seem to be more inclined to keep reading traditional newspapers (and books) than us Latins. The latest issue is now online, and the website includes the English version of a couple of articles. I was […]