Can Trump End the Ukraine War in 24 hrs?   This war could be ended in 24 hours. (1) stop all money going to Ukraine, (2) threaten to freeze all their assets, (3) threaten to remove Ukraine from SWIFT, (4) Order Ukraine to honor the Minsk Agreement. To Russia: (1) Lift all sanctions (2) No NATO training or weapons for Ukraine (3) Ukraine […]

Market Talk – May 31, 2023

ASIA: India’s economic growth in the March quarter reached 6.1%, according to government data. This growth was driven by increased government and private capital spending, although private consumption remained sluggish. India continues to be one of the fastest growing emerging economies, particularly as China’s recovery falters. Despite the risks posed by a global slowdown, the […]

Berkshire Hathaway: CEI Score 0

Berkshire Hathaway managed to score a total of zero imaginary woke points on the Corporate Equality Index. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) investigates how woke a business has become, solely on LGBTQ+ policies, and assigns it a woke credit core (CEI). I mentioned in another post how this score has become increasingly harder to obtain, […]

Pfizer – The New Evil Empire?

I warned that our computer was projecting that Pfizer was making a major peak. Many could not see how that forecast would be correct. Here we are and Pfizer is not a company you want to work for or invest in. Seriously, anyone who has a family member working at Pfizer should cash out before […]

NO REFORM without the crash and burn

QUESTION: So you do not think anyone running for office in 2024 will succeed in making any difference? HC ANSWER: No. We have crossed the Rubicon on that score. Trump would at least fight hard against them, but our computer does not show that there is anyone coming in on a white horse to save […]

Corporate Equality Index 2023 – New Criteria for the Woke Credit Score

(old ratings featured above; deemed not inclusive enough) I mentioned how the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) is the reason companies are going WOKE. This is the imaginary social credit score based on a company’s adherence to WOKE policies. The Human Right Campaign (HRC), a massive international political lobbying group that dictates the CEI score, employs […]

The Debt Ceiling = Pi $31.4 Trillion

COMMENT: Hello Martin, The debt ceiling is pi!! = 31.4 trillion $ Coincidence? Best regards from Vienna and thanks for what you are doing. Ralf REPLY:  Yes, very interesting. This is no doubt the major turning point on debt and this is on a global scale. It is not the collapse of the debt just […]

The United Nations Wants to Normalize Pedophilia

The most disturbing aspect of our “new norm” is this push to indoctrinate impressionable children to accept the woke agenda. I did not want to write about this subject because it makes my blood boil. But you need to know. This is starting at the United Nations, the global agency that is working toward creating […]

Zelensky Before He Sold Out to the Neocons   Here is a young Zelensky before he sold his soul to the Neocons. Back then, he spoke out against the hatred of Russians in the Donbas. He use to make comedy posts all in Russian. He explains that if the people in the East Donbas and Crimea “want to speak Russian, then leave […]

Market Talk – May 18, 2023

ASIA:   Japan’s economy experienced a faster-than-expected recovery in the first quarter, coming out of a recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth was primarily driven by increased consumption following the pandemic, which helped counter the challenges posed by global economic conditions. However, concerns have arisen due to signs of a slowdown in economic […]