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Links 1/22/2023 | naked capitalism

NRC Certifies First U.S. Small Modular Reactor Design US Department of Energy

Mass. health department warns of drug-resistant gonorrhea strain Boston.com


The ‘greatest tragedy’ would be if central banks don’t finish the job on inflation, Larry Summers says CNBC (Kevin W)


Federal Reserve Board provides additional details on how its pilot climate scenario analysis exercise will be conducted and the information on risk management practices that will be gathered over the course of the exercise Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

The impact of climate change on the pharma supply chain Pharmaceutical Technology. Doesn’t mention that maybe outsourcing US drug manufacturing to China was a mistake.


California’s next flood could destroy one of its most diverse cities. Will lawmakers try to save it? Grist


WaPo Feeds Denial With False Claims About Overcounting Covid Deaths FAIR

Two-Years Follow-Up of Symptoms and Return to Work in Complex Post-COVID-19 Patients Journal of Clinical Medicine. From the abstract: “Despite exercise, respiratory, olfactory rehabilitations, cognition/speech therapy and/or psychological support, the more frequent self-reported symptoms (fatigue, neurocognitive disorders, muscles and joint pain) did not resolve.”


Documentary on 2002 Gujarat riots: Govt orders YouTube, Twitter to block BBC film on Modi, Opposition says censorship Indian Express

Pakistan to pay in ‘currency of friendly countries’ for Russian energy: Moscow Anadolu Agency

Whose game is Pakistan’s Khar playing? Indian Punchline


Drone attack hits Tanf US base in Syria Al-Monitor

Old Blighty


UK nurses speak from picket lines WSWS


Sajid Javid calls for patients to pay for GP and A&E visits Guardian. Lambert: “Free at the point of care is foundational for NHS.”


Peter Thiel Says British Affection for NHS Is Stockholm Syndrome Bloomberg. “He also said that the crisis-stricken health service, currently grappling with strikes and long wait times for emergency care, was making people sick and needs ‘market mechanisms’ to fix it. Such mechanisms include privatizing parts of it…”

Buckingham Palace Sets 3-Day Coronation Weekend for King Charles III New York Times


Yellen Says China May Be Prepared to Join Zambia Debt Deal Bloomberg

Zambia’s New IMF Deal Shifts China to the Backseat The Diplomat

European Disunion

Serbia ‘not enthusiastic’ about EU membership anymore, says president Politico

Media: Vučić will be given an ultimatum B92

Tens of thousands take to Madrid streets in anti-government protest Anadolu Agency

New Not-So-Cold War

Ukraine – Russian Army Activates Southern Front Moon of Alabama

Withdraw from Artyomovsk! Gilbert Doctorow

“Better an unsatisfactory peace than a debacle” – Alexander Mercouris Empire, Communication and NATO Wars

U.S. officials advise Ukraine to wait on offensive, official says Reuters


Ukraine Defense Minister Tells VOA: Troops Will Train on German Tanks in Poland VOA

The Forward Observations Group: Ex-US Soldier Turned Influencer Criticized for Ukraine War Trip With Neo-Nazi Vice



Time to join NATO? Moldova eyes joining ‘a larger alliance’ Politico

Dmitry Rogozin’s Blood-Soaked Message to Macron The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

Russia’s RT France to close after French accounts frozen over Ukraine invasion SCMP

US senators, visiting Kyiv, blast delays in supplying tanks to Ukraine Reuters

Russian-US relations at all-time low, no hope for improvement — Kremlin spokesman TASS

Turkish anger after Quran burning, Kurd protests in Sweden Al Jazeera

South of the Border

Glencore copper mine in Peru suspends operations after another attack Reuters

Peru’s natural resources: CIA-linked US ambassador meets with mining and energy ministers to talk ‘investments’ Geopolitical Economy

Biden Administration

Ron Klain Expected to Step Down as Biden’s White House Chief of Staff New York Times

Americans On Biden’s Handling Of Classified Documents: Inappropriate & Serious, But Shouldn’t Face Charges, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Biden Handling Of The Mexican Border Hits Record Low While Majority Back His New Immigration Plan Quinnipiac.

On Ukraine: “33 percent of Americans think the United States is doing too much to help Ukraine, 21 percent think the U.S. is doing too little, and 38 percent think the U.S. is doing about the right amount to help Ukraine.”

Compared to February 28, 2022: “7 percent of Americans thought the U.S. was doing too much to help Ukraine, 45 percent thought the U.S. was doing too little, and 37 percent thought the U.S. was doing about the right amount to help Ukraine.”

The Debt Ceiling Limit is Destructive, Duplicative, and Dumb Stephanie Kelton, The Lens


DOJ search of Biden’s Delaware home results in 6 more documents Politico

If Biden isn’t on the ticket, Harris’s pick for vice president will be key to 2024 The Hill

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Rentokil pilots facial recognition system as way to exterminate rats Guardian (Brian C) Ironing out the kinks before deploying on humans?

Democrats en déshabillé

Airline CEO Admits Ticket Scam Permitted By Buttigieg The Lever 


West Virginia announces $83 million opioid settlement with Walgreens AP. Includes no admission of wrongdoing or liability by the company.

Walgreens posts $3.7B loss in Q1 on opioid settlement but boosts sales outlook in 2023 Fierce Healthcare

Pharmacists can start patients on road to recovery from opioid use disorder, study shows News from Brown

The addiction crisis is causing a spike in endocarditis cases. Hospitals are struggling to respond STAT

Why Some Surgeons Are Prescribing Opioids to Patients’ Spouses Harvard Medical School

Recreational cannabis and opioid distribution Health Economics. From the abstract: “We find that RCLs lead to a reduction in codeine dispensed at retail pharmacies.”

Police State Watch

Guillotine Watch

FTC: Shkreli may have violated lifetime pharma ban, should be held in contempt arstechnica

Class Warfare

Storm flooding compounds misery for California farms and workers LA Times. “Farmworkers are especially vulnerable to extreme climate events because they are low-income; most are immigrants without legal status, which makes them ineligible for unemployment benefits and health insurance…”

The Bezzle

Exclusive: SWIFT payments network access cut to crypto exchanges Asia Markets

How Sam Bankman-Fried’s ties with the Clintons helped him dupe investors NY Post (Kevin W)

All you need to know about the Year of the Rabbit SCMP. The rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity.

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