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Links 2/18/2023 | naked capitalism

Tons of cat meat, live cats found at Mekong Delta facility VnExpress International (resilc) 🙁

Dalian flow battery station is the largest battery worldwide Interesting Engineering (Chuck L)

How to Turn the Lights Back on After a Blackout IEEE Spectrum (Chuck L)

Adderall’s Disappearing Act Has Left Millions Without Treatment Bloomberg

New Mechanism Proposed For Why Some Psychedelics Act As Antidepressants arstechnica


Fluticasone propionate as a potential treatment for COVID-19 Drugs Today (resilc). May have missed this. May also explain why asthmatics seems less susceptible to Covid.


Mark Mills: The energy transition delusion: inescapable mineral realities YouTube (resilc)

How heat pumps of the 1800s are becoming the technology of the future Yale Climate Connection

MIT Team Makes a Case For Direct Carbon Capture From Seawater, Not Air New Atlas


Biden’s low-key speech on balloon ‘not enough to fix ties with China’ Global Times

U.S. and China Vie in Hazy Zone Where Balloons, U.F.O.s and Missiles Fly New York Times. Lead story.

White House to hold secret talks with Taiwan officials in Washington Financial Times

California lawmaker leads delegation to Taiwan amid high U.S.-China tensions Los Angeles Times. Ro Khanna.

China set to eclipse US air superiority in Pacific Asia Times (Kevin W)

At start of Congressional session, Tibet-China legislation reintroduced International Campaign for Tibet (furzy)


India Ups Its Game in the Middle East The Diplomat

New Not-So-Cold War

Rishi Sunak to call for new Nato charter to ensure ‘lasting peace’ for Ukraine Guardian (Kevin W)

Norway’s atonement for Nord Stream sabotage Indian Punchline (Kevin W)

I love Clare Daly but must note she seems to be the patron saint of lost causes:

Seymour Hersh’s Trinity of Truth Scott Ritter

Democrats, Republicans join up to urge Biden to send F-16s to Ukraine Politico. Scott Ritter has pointed out that pilots who have flow Soviet fighters simply cannot be retrained to operate Western jets; their reflexes are too deeply ingrained. So the US and NATO forces would have to operate them.

Wagner Group releases graphic video of corpses in desperate plea for more ammunition Telegraph. If I were Putin, Prigozhin would get a very big piece of my mind. Prigozhin has been depicting himself, and loudly too, as running his own war in Bakhmut, when his mercs get lots of support from the military. Dima at Military Summary deems this to be a matter of priorities, not supply. Regardless, mercs are not first in line.

Deputy Chairman of Russian Assembly debates French journalists war hawks. YouTube (Andrei Martyanov). In French with subtitles (Tolstoy, yes descended from the Tolstoy, is fluent). Have only seen the first few minutes but very pointed. Hope to have time to return.

India’s Russian oil imports surge to a record in January – trade Reuters

Gilbert Doctorow: The U.S. & Russia Are Testing Each Other’s Red Lines Geopolitics & Empire. guurst highlights:

tidbit on Patrick Armstrong:
For me the most depressing thing about the last 20 years is to find that everything that I disliked and I found so awful about the Soviet Union has now moved to the United States. The United States has not gone all the way, of course, and you are fortunate, in a way, to have had such limited deprivation of income compared to what was experienced by a close colleague in Canada, a retired Canadian diplomat who spent time and he had never seen Moscow and who had a very influential blog. He was visited by the Canadian Intelligence Services, they told him that if he kept this up, his pension would be terminated and his life savings would be confiscated. He very wisely threw in the towel. In Canada with all those Ukrainian Bandera kids, grandkids, it is much more difficult place to find freedom of speech than United States is. So in a sense, let us be fair to Uncle Sam in a period of relative repression, still freedom of speech manages to hold on in the States.

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Virtual reality telemetry means you can virtually kiss goodbye to privacy The Register

Imperial Collapse Watch

The Insecure Superpower Counterpunch

Texas considers a bill banning people from 4 countries from buying real estate NPR (Kevin W)


Biden DOJ Backing Norfolk Southern’s Bid To Block Lawsuits The Lever.

Rudy Then and Rudy Now London Review of Books (resilc)

Culture Wars

Resilc: “So God hates Philly, Democrats I gather. Lost both World Series and Supah Bowl to Christian statezzz”:

Wyoming Limiting Child Marriage Sparks Republican Outrage Newsweek (resilc)

Hillcrest High students say they were told to limit Black History Month program Associated Press (resilc)

David Crosby’s Final Wisdom: Singer Talks Trump, CSN, CSNY, and more Rolling Stone (furzy)

The Little Known History of World War II’s All-Black, All-Female Battalion Atlas Obscura (Chuck L)

Unimportant Flying Objects

Why spy balloons are still useful in era of drones and satellites BBC. Resilc: “I like the pigeon.”


Kevin Roose’s Conversation With Bing’s Chatbot: Full Transcript New York Times (Dr. Kevin, furzy)

ChatGPT able to pass Theory of Mind Test at 9-year-old human level PhysOrg

The Bezzle

Binance Considers Pulling Back From US Partners as Crypto Crackdown Escalates Bloomberg

Data from New Jersey is a warning sign for young sports bettors The Conversation (resilc)

Tesla Drivers Worry About Charging Times Wall Street Journal

Wealthy Americans are racing to get the EU’s last remaining ‘golden passport’ before it’s gone Business Insider (Kevin W)

Average 401(k) balances dropped 20% in 2022 – despite 39% of Americans increasing their contributions – as stocks suffered one of the worst years ever and inflation soared Daily Mail

Goldman Sachs, BofA expect three more U.S. rate hikes this year Reuters

Wall Street Is Baffled by the Stock Market Bloomberg

Class Warfare

This company employed children to clean razor-sharp saws using hazardous chemicals CNN (Kevin W)

Starbucks Ordered to Stop Firing Union Activists Nationwide Bloomberg

Survival of the Richest Institute for New Economic Thinking

Bernie Sanders: Anti-Union Capitalism Is Wrecking America Nation (Kevin W)

Adams and Largest Municipal Union Reach Tentative Agreement, With 16.21% Raises Through 2026 The City

Antidote du jour:

And a bonus:

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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