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Links 2/21/2023 | naked capitalism

New York alligator captured in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park BBC

RSV Vaccine Succeeds in Phase III Trial of Older Adults Medpage (Lawrence R)

A Novelist’s Reflections on Useful Fictions Hedgehog Review (Anthony L)

HOPE IN THE DARK: History and Ghost Stories Perspectives on History (Anthony L)


Japan postmortems of COVID-infected patients finds virus stays in half Mainichi Times (guurst)


The World’s Plastic Use Is Getting Worse. ‘It’s a Recipe for Disaster.’ Barrons (resilc)

UK Science Museum agreed to a “gag clause” with fossil fuel giant ZME Science (Dr. Kevin)

New and recent books about climate and environmental justice Yale Climate Connections


Exclusive: US military uses balloons, disguises recon aircraft as civilian planes to spy on China: report Global Times

Taiwan is bolstering military exchanges with U.S., President Tsai says Reuters

China Offering Cutting Edge Type 052D Destroyers For Export: Are Algeria and Russia its Most lIkely Clients? Military Watch

Top Chinese Scientists Sketch Out Plans To Thwart US Chip Curbs Bloomberg

Why So Many States Want to Ban China From Owning Farmland FiveThirtyEight. Resilc: “Because state legislators paid off by private equity and REITs?”

Myanmar’s overlooked but not-yet-forgotten war Asia Times (resilc)

European Disunion

Wolfgang Streeck – Virtuous Germany Defend Democracy Defend Democracy

The clans that rule Sweden Andreas Cervenk. Micael T: “I am not sure though that NATO would be good for SAAB. Isn’t the whole point of NATO nowadays to kill national defense industry to force F-35 on the vassals?”

Old Blighty

What stage are Brexit negotiations at between Rishi Sunak and the EU? Guardian (Kevin W)

The battle for Britain’s post-Brexit polity Chris Grey

New Not-So-Cold War

President Biden & Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky Meet in Kyiv C-SPAN

Recognizing The War Is Lost The ‘West’ Seeks An Exit Moon of Alabama (Kevin W)

Das Märchen vom spendablen Deutschland Die Welt. Translation: The fairy tale of generous Germany

Biden in Kyiv and Warsaw is a reminder of who really leads Europe Washington Post (Kevin W)

Netherlands warns of Russian attempts to sabotage its energy infrastructure Financial Times

Goldman: Russia May Have Received More For Its Crude Than Quoted Prices Suggest City A.M.

Rage Against the War Aftermath

This is the text of a talk I gave in Washington, D.C. on Sunday at the Rage Against The War Machine rally. Chris Hedges (Randy K)


US says it will continue to extend its ‘full support’ after 2 more quakes hit Türkiye Anadolu Agency


You Can’t Save Democracy in a Jewish State New York Times (resilc)

The Perils of Marching in ‘Lockstep’ with Clients Daniel Larison

Imperial Collapse Watch

Patrick Lawrence: Munich as Propaganda Fest ScheerPost. Important.

SitRep 2/20 – Terminal Approach Simplicius the Thinker. ZOMG. Be sure to read the bit on the F-22


There’s No Question: It’s Still Donald Trump’s Republican Party New Republic (resilc)

Republican 2024 rivals go shopping for big donors Politico

Northern Suffolk Chemical Bomb

The East Palestine, Ohio, derailment: How bad is it? Vox. Resilc: “I ride Amtrak from Pittsfield, MA to Bristol, in to work at a friend’s sculpture studio each summer. The number of tank cars on the way that we pass is uncountable.”

This Too Shall Last American Conservative

Greed Like An Illness Angie Alt (Permanent Skeptic)

Ohio train derailment reveals need for urgent reform, workers say Guardian (resilc)

Pete Buttigieg Is Pretending He’s Powerless to Change Railroad Safety Procedures Jacobin (resilc)


Florida couple unable to get abortion will see baby die after delivery Guardian. Bad way to go. Pets are euthanized for less


TSA raises alarm amid increase in guns at US airports BBC

Resilc: “40 days until back to Vermont and I become a one man Wagner Group vs deer.”

Housekeeper’s husband is arrested in slaying of L.A. Bishop David G. O’Connell Los Angeles Times


Microsoft “lobotomized” AI-powered Bing Chat, and its fans aren’t happy ars technica (BC)

How will AI change mathematics? Rise of chatbots highlights discussion Nature (furzy)

The Bezzle

James O’Keefe REMOVED As CEO Of Project Veritas, FULL SPEECH From James At Veritas HQ YouTube. Note Project Veritas often engaged in video fakery.

How the Big Business of Clogged Arteries Puts Patients at Risk ProPublica (resilc)

Nearly 30 percent of work remains remote as workers dig in The Hill

Do Declining Imports Signal an Imminent Recession? Menzie Chinn

Office Landlord Defaults Escalate as Lenders Brace for More Distress Wall Street Journal

US stocks are in the ‘death zone’ and could crash 26% within months, Morgan Stanley’s top strategist says Business Insider

Guillotine Watch

Super Bowling for cash with the NFL’s club of billionaires New York Post (resilc)

Class Warfare

Gerontocracy: the exceptionally old political class that governs the US Guardian (resilc)

Capitalism as Mental Illness, by Eric Anderson Ian Welsh

Oxford university stuck with Sacklers as opioid deaths led others to cut ties Financial Times

wtf happened in 1971? Paul R rates as interesting if uneven. Yours truly can answer the question: The Powell Memo. August 23, 1971. Codified and gave direction to existing extreme right efforts to hijack prevailing values, particularly with respect to the “rights” of enterprise.

Antidote du jour (Robert H):

And a bonus (guurst):

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