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Links 3/17/2023 | naked capitalism

Active volcano spotted on Venus. The planet’s not dead yet. Space.com

Alligator in the Attic: Building Inspector Shocked to Find 8-ft Beast in Three-Story Home Field & Stream

B-a-a-a-a-d Banks

Fire the Fed Matt Stoller, BIG. Good clean fun. Well worth a read.

Fed’s Yellen expects no new financial crisis in ‘our lifetimes’ Reuters

The stupidest timeline would quite naturally have the stupidest Secretary of the Treasury:

Yes, the clip is worth watching, but put down your coffee.

Fed Blocked Mention of Regulatory Flaws in Silicon Valley Bank Rescue NYT

* * *

I Was an S.V.B. Client. I Blame the Venture Capitalists NYT (Re Silc). Well worth a read. A telling detail:

I’ll keep my S.V.B. debit card as a souvenir, partly because the giant arrow logo points in the opposite direction that it’s supposed to go into a card reader — an example of a design that obviously went through no user testing. It’s also a reminder that successful people aren’t always the best decision makers.

ANHD Statement on Signature Bank’s Closure The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (timotheus). A well-deserved kick to the prostrate body.

Wall Street banks to deposit $30bn into First Republic FT. This is the bank where the depositors are wealthy lemmings, as opposed to New York real estate lemmings (Signature), or tech bro lemmings (SVB).

* * *

Another Chaotic Week for Banks Marks the End of an Era for the Global Economy John Authers, Bloomberg

Financial Panic in the Age of Digital Banking and Social Media RAND

Crypto’s winners and losers after a bank run Politico

Pentagon Mobilized to Support Tech Startups After Bank Failure Defense One


Brazilian researchers find ‘terrifying’ plastic rocks on remote island Reuters. Look on my works, ye mighty….

Waste pickers collect food waste, help combat climate change AP

Is Climate Change Really Making Fish Bigger? A New Study Says Yes Field & Stream Original.


The Strongest Evidence Yet That an Animal Started the Pandemic Katherine Wu, The Atlantic. For some reason, The Atlantic breaks (Furzy Mouse) this story. A preprint, apparently, to come in Nature.

FDA offers radio silence on question of spring Covid boosters, as other countries push ahead STAT


Xi Jinping to visit Vladimir Putin in Russia next week FT

China jobs: Beijing urged to reform vocational education and end discrimination to plug skilled worker gap South China Morning Post

China’s answer to ChatGPT? Baidu shares tumble as Ernie Bot disappoints Reuters

Cops probe whether fire at Chinese billionaire’s NYC pad was set remotely NY Post. Guo Wengui.

Asia-Arctic Diplomacy a Decade Later: What Has Changed? The Diplomat

Commentary: Can Cambodia’s future foreign policy diverge from China? Channel News Asia

More looted Cambodian relics returned from the United States Globe_. Smart move. For once.


As Covid cases spike, Centre asks six states to keep a strict vigil Business Standard

Making the Mising brew in Majuli People’s Archive of Rural India

Strike grips Sri Lanka as unions protest IMF bailout Channel News Asia


Saudi-Iranian Détente Is a Wake-Up Call for America Foreign Policy

China’s Good Offices Foreign Policy

Iran Agrees to Stop Arming Houthis in Yemen as Part of Pact With Saudi Arabia WSJ

European Disunion

A dog day afternoon in French politics as Macron uses ‘nuclear option’ to raise retirement age France24 (Re Silc).

German viper attackers arrested Daily News Hungary. Hmm.

Clashes break out in Greece as thousands protest against train tragedy France24

New Not-So-Cold War

Poland to be 1st NATO member to give Ukraine fighter jets AP

U.S. Reaches Deep Into Its Global Ammunition Stockpiles to Help Ukraine WSJ

Russia Wants a Long War Foreign Affairs. The deck: “The West Needs to Send Ukraine More Arms, More Quickly.” Especially the kind of arms that 16-year-olds pulled off the street can fire with minimal training?

The war exacerbates Ukraine’s population decline new report shows EU Science Hub

* * *

Top China and US envoys speak with Ukrainian foreign minister about war’s outlook South China Morning Post

‘Hunting rifles’ — really? China ships assault weapons and body armor to Russia Politico

Russia will recover US drone wreckage from Black Sea if necessary: Kremlin Andalu Agency

* * *

When MI6 Betrayed Ukraine’s Resistance to Russia Declassified UK

Far-right Ukrainian World Congress demands Hollywood take “appropriate action” against Top Gun: Maverick WSWS

Biden Administration

Seasoned Russia Envoy Joins Biden’s NSC Foreign Policy. Recommended by Victoria Nuland, so seasoned with what?

Biden’s Italian mystery Axios. No ambassador.

Supply Chain

Unprecedented levels of institutional capital making its way into maritime services Splash 24/7


The Unpredictable Abilities Emerging From Large AI Models Quanta


Public Health Law Modernization 2.0: Rebalancing Public Health Powers And Individual Liberty In The Age Of COVID-19 Health Affairs

Imperial Collapse Watch

America’s Military Depends on Minerals That China Controls Foreign Policy

The Development and Validation of the Epistemic Vice Scale Review of Philosophy and Psychology (Phil R). From 2021, still germane. From the Abstract: “Epistemic vices have been defined as character traits that interfere with acquiring, maintaining, and transmitting knowledge. Examples of epistemic vice are gullibility and indifference to knowledge. It has been hypothesized that epistemically vicious people are especially susceptible to misinformation and conspiracy theories.” For example, mainstream macro? Droplet theory?

Class Warfare

The Fishing Revolution and the Origins of Capitalism Monthly Review. Interesting!

Bandcamp Workers Form Union: ‘It’s Not Enough to Get Small Wins Alone’ Rolling Stone

A Book and New Documentary Explore the Possibilities of Ink-Making in Urban Environments Colossal. Jackpot-ready!

Antidote du jour (By Foto: Bernd Schwabe in Hannover – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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