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Links 4/17/2023 | naked capitalism

Lightning Bolt Deposits a Strange Mineral Never Seen on Earth Before Science Alert

Did unicorns exists? New research traces cultural traditions to find their origins Interesting Engineering


In East Palestine, a nightmare that never ends Grist



Iraq’s Marshes Parched as Government Focuses on Oil New Lines Magazine

Are thousands of Americans being poisoned by PFAS in their tap water? Minneapolis Star Tribune

Time Is Running Out for Uganda’s Vanishing Glaciers Wired

No asteroid impacts needed: Newborn Earth made its own water, study suggests Space.com


High risk of autoimmune diseases after COVID-19 Nature (Mark N)

A global aircraft-based wastewater genomic surveillance network for early warning of future pandemics The Lancet. From the summary: “We propose the development of a global aircraft-based wastewater genomic surveillance network, with the busiest international airports as central nodes and continuing air travel journeys as vectors.”


The Koreas

South Korea fires warning shots at North Korean vessel west of peninsula: JCS NK News


Will Germany settle for 28nm? TSMC’s presence highlights misalignment between Berlin’s semiconductor and defense policies Digitimes Asia

East Asian economies resist decoupling East Asia Forum

America, China and a Crisis of Trust Thomas Friedman, New York Times. Typical Friedman nonsense, but buried is this nugget: “A senior administration official told me that Xi told President Biden at their summit in Bali in November, in essence: I will not be the president of China who loses Taiwan. If you force my hand, there will be war. You don’t understand how important this is to the Chinese people. You’re playing with fire.”

European Disunion

The breakdown of French-German relations augurs ill for the EU FT

EU warns against unilateral steps after Poland, Hungary ban Ukrainian grain Reuters

New Not-So-Cold War

Putin hold working meeting with visiting Chinese defense minister – spokesman TASS

Russia Says Its New EW System Can ‘Kill’ Satellites At An Altitude Of 36,000 Km; Military Expert Decodes The Claims The EurAsian Times

Italy transfers some of M109 self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine Ukrainska Pravda


Richard D. Wolff – The Emerging New World Economy Brave New Europe

Timofey Bordachev: Here’s why Macron’s call to break away from US control is just meaningless posturing RT

Top 10 hedge funds made £1.5bn profit from Ukraine war food price spike The Guardian

L’affaire Leaker

The Pentagon leaks and the US media WSWS

Leaked Pentagon docs show the shot-down Chinese spy balloon may have had a feature known as ‘synthetic aperture radar’ that can see through certain materials, WaPo reports Yahoo! News

Social-Media Account Overseen by Former Navy Noncommissioned Officer Helped Spread Secrets WSJ. And not sufficiently anti-Russian to boot!!

Congress sees a rare window of opportunity to regulate Big Tech NBC News. Beware the bipartisan TikTok Trojan horse.


Sudan’s “Deep State” War Could Have Far-Reaching Geostrategic Consequences If It Continues Andrew Korybko’s Newsletter

Chinese company proposes $10bn investment in Afghan lithium reserves The Cradle

China has outclassed the US in Middle East relations The National. For example (Kevin W):

South of the Border

Peru’s coup-plotting congress has 6% approval, 91% disapproval (but full US backing) Geopolitical Economy

O Canada

Canada’s New Budget Is a Typical Liberal Road Map for Failing the Working Class Jacobin

Biden Administration

US manufacturing commitments double after Biden subsidies launched FT

Press conferences now extinct as Biden lets TikTokers do the talking The Hill


Nikki Haley’s campaign overstated initial fundraising haul CNN


Patrick Lawrence: The Disinformation Complex: An Anatomy Scheerpost

Democrats en déshabillé

The Supremes

Clarence Thomas claimed income from defunct real estate firm: report The Hill


FDA staff leaned toward rejecting Sarepta gene therapy before top official intervened STAT News

‘Crisis’ looms as 800,000 more nurses plan to exit workforce by 2027: study Beckers Hospital Review

Police State Watch

THE HIGH COST OF CHEAP PRISONS The Law and Political Economy Project

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Georgia National Guard Will Use Phone Location Tracking to Recruit High School Children The Intercept

Veterans Push Back Against Military Recruitment in Schools The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth

Imperial Collapse Watch

The puzzling geopolitics of America’s support for proposed World Bank reforms An Africanist Perspective

The IMF’s ‘Austerity Drive’ Consortium News

How China Is Breaking The Colonial Effects Of Western Lending Moon of Alabama (K Warner)

Supply Chain

FBI rounds-up former Polar execs charged with $52m fraud The Loadstar

Class Warfare

Rolling Back “Right-to-Work” in States Like Michigan Sends a Message to Anti-Union Bosses Jacobin

Kroger seeks consumer antitrust case dismissal over Albertsons’ merger Retail Insight Network

Workers nationwide protest proposed Kroger-Albertsons merger Grocery Dive

Sanitation workers strike after death at Memphis landfill WREG

The Bezzle

Trump Earned Up To $1M From NFT Sales: Filings CoinDesk

Inside the rise and fall of Kittyhawk Business Insider

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