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Links 4/3/2023 | naked capitalism

One iguana’s taste for cake leaves a young girl with a mysterious malady CNN

Seeing is more than believing: Exploring ‘de Sitter space’ to explain gravity in the expanding early universe Phys.org


The US leads the world in weather catastrophes. Here’s why AP

Squirrels live longer in leafier parts of London, air pollution study shows Guardian


New water-based battery could help reduce dependence on lithium for energy storage Interesting Engineering


Covid Status Check: Masks Are Back, States on High Alert Amid Spike in Cases; UP, Kerala Mull New Strategies News 18

Fatigue is common among older people. Finding its cause is important Washington Post. Not paywalled.


Report: Israel tech sector still among world’s strongest Al-Monitor

Israeli high tech’s ‘political awakening’ evades a violent truth +972 Magazine. The deck: “High-tech workers say the new government’s plans could harm their sector. But history shows the industry actually thrives off of volatility and violence.” From Feb. 9 but still germane.

French intelligence infiltrated Lafarge, collaborated with extremists in Syria: Ex-CEO The Cradle

Old Blighty


Russia identifies India, China as its main allies a day after Finland’s NATO membership gets green signal The Times of India

India-China border now stable, situation of ’emergency control’ over: Chinese diplomat The Tribune


Why China launched a cybersecurity review into US memory chip maker Micron Technology and what could happen next SCMP

Huawei: good results in tough times Asia Times

Anti-China ‘propaganda’ stokes fears as Michigan town weighs Gotion factory Bridge Michigan

New Not-So-Cold War

To the Last Ukrainian: An American War The Postil Magazine

Descent into Hell: Europe’s top diplomats are nearly at the journey’s end Gilbert Doctorow

Waiting for nuclear night… Al-Diyyar

Details emerge of blast that killed Russian blogger RT


US, UK and German tanks not built for Ukraine war Asia Times

Armsmaker Rheinmetall sets up maintenance hub in Romania for Ukraine weapons Reuters


Japan Breaks With U.S. Allies, Buys Russian Oil at Prices Above Cap WSJ. (guurst). From the article: “Japan got the U.S. to agree to the exception.”

Blinken and Lavrov discuss WSJ reporter’s arrest RT. Will Blinken get on the horn soon to discuss Assange’s release?

Sanna Marin defeated by Finland’s conservatives in tight race BBC “The election was largely fought on Finland’s public debt as all the mainstream parties backed Nato membership.”

South of the Border

American cities want to recycle their plastic trash in Mexico. Critics call it ‘waste colonialism.’ Grist

Mexico Charting Its Own Path Toward Energy Sovereignty Eurasia Review

B-a-a-a-a-d Banks

Up to 30% of jobs to be cut by enlarged UBS, Tages-Anzeiger reports yahoo! finance

Swiss prosecutors have opened an investigation into the takeover of Credit Suisse by UBS, report says Business Insider

Biden Administration

The Rage of the Corporate Lawyer BIG by Matt Stoller


Trump and Fox re-embrace amid a larger media blitz Politico

Can Gavin Newsom kinda but not really run for president and still do his job as California governor? Los Angeles Times


Imperial Collapse Watch

Could Maine be first state to Defend the Guard? Responsible Statecraft

Realignment and Legitimacy

What makes Paul Vallas the “Democrat of choice” for powerful Republicans? The Triibe

Democrats en déshabillé

Positively BEGGING You The Baffler

Police State Watch


Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

These high-tech diapers double as urine tests ZME Science

Groves of Academe

Letter from an English Department on the Brink The New York Review. The deck: “At the English department I chair, our major has grown by more than 40 percent in the last two years. We are being driven to the edge of extinction anyway.”

Ambitious parents are spending hundreds of thousands on consultants to help get their kids into Ivy League schools, report says Business Insider

Supply Chain

Opec oil producers announce surprise cut in output BBC

US fuel oil stocks drawn, highest Gulf Coast production since 2019 Hellenic Shipping News

Re: Oil/Inflation/USD-Clash of the Titans Kaoboy Musings

Class Warfare

Planned Parenthood affiliate fires two union leaders, disciplines entire bargaining team Minnesota Reformer

In Montana, an Avalanche of Wealth Is Displacing Workers In These Times

Tesla and Musk Lose Ruling on Factory Union Issues The New York Times

A long thread worth reading:

Guillotine Watch

Why You Should Aim For $2 Million For Retirement Seeking Alpha


Should you ask ChatGPT for medical advice? We asked an expert — and ChatGPT USA Today (Kevin W)

My phone, my credit card, my hacker, and me Business Insider. The deck: “Verizon, Chase, the police — they were all useless when my identity got hacked. Then Psycho Bunny came to the rescue.”


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