Outlook for credit access hits record low, inflation expectations jump

A customer shops for eggs at a H-E-B grocery store on February 08, 2023 in Austin, Texas. Wholesale egg prices have begun declining more than 50% since December record highs according to Urner Barry data. Brandon Bell | Getty Images News | Getty Images Consumers are getting more pessimistic about inflation and their access to […]

Chinese officials promise foreign investors greater access

Foreign investors have been flooding into China over the past two weeks. For all but a few, it is their first trip in three years, since the country walled itself off from the outside world in a bid to exclude covid-19. Those who did enter during the height of China’s zero-covid mania spent weeks in […]

Artificial Intelligence in Medicare Advantage Plans Impedes Access to Care

Yves here. Even though we ran a post recently on the horrorshow of Medicare Advantage using AI to implement what amounts to reductions in coverage below contractually stipulated levels, this practice is so egregious that it needs to be called out until something is done to stop it. The case that is the centerpiece of […]