Liberalism Needs No Enemies | AIER

In his instructive political fable, The Awakening of Jennifer Van Arsdale, George Leef writes, “Liberalism is the one philosophy that requires no enemies… It minimizes conflict and calls upon people to resolve whatever problems arise through peaceful means.” By liberalism, Leef refers to the 17th-century movement that began to free individuals from entrenched interests, “from […]

Forging Modernity or Freedom? | AIER

An interesting and well-written new book about the deep historical causes of modern economic growth, Forging Modernity, is about to appear from one of Britain’s oldest independent publishers, The Lutterworth Press, which survived the Napoleonic Wars, both world wars, the Falklands War, and, so far, Meghan Markle. Authored by Martin Hutchinson, a merchant banker turned […]

Treating Adults like Children | AIER

New Zealand recently passed a law permanently prohibiting the sale of tobacco to anyone born on or after January 1, 2009. That’s right. If you’re unlucky enough to have been born on or after that date, it will forever be illegal for you to smoke a cigar on a celebratory occasion or to savor a […]

Recessions and Economic Freedom | AIER

Talks of imminent recessions are plentiful as people consider how central banks around the world are dealing with high inflation. Regardless of whether things end in a soft or hard landing, it is worth bearing in mind that recessions are shorter, shallower, and much farther apart now than in the past. We know this thanks […]

The Not-So-Great Depression Diet | AIER

When E.C. Harwood formed the American Institute for Economic Research 90 years ago, the New Deal was just beginning. The Great Depression, though, was over three years old, and it was a hangry, troublesome toddler.  For those with a job, or on a fixed income, the Depression was great, because prices sank a great deal. […]

China: House Divided | AIER

There have been claims that China’s enormous economic growth and widely shared prosperity are the result of turning to capitalism. I think this is not true; China is not capitalist. Of course, that depends on having a definition of capitalism that is clear, and that does not simply apply to all nations. It also requires […]