Water Contamination – Is America Still a First-World Nation?

@johnniemac_first4848Breaking: The City of Philadelphia is recommending that residents use bottled water for drinking or cooking after a chemical spill into the Delaware River in Bucks County on Friday night. “Contaminants have not been found in our system at this time,” city officials said, however, testing continues.♬ original sound – Phillyfirst48 America is deteriorating so […]

Biden’s “Buy American” Scheme a Bad Deal for America

In words seemingly echoing his predecessor, President Joe Biden highlighted his “buy American” initiative in his 2023 State of the Union Address last week.  “When we do these projects, and again I get criticized for this but I make no excuses for it, we’re gonna buy American,” Biden said. The new rules will require materials […]

Could Europe end up with a worse inflation problem than America?

Inflation is coming down. On both sides of the Atlantic, falling energy costs are provoking sighs of relief. Price-watchers are now focused on core inflation, a measure that strips out volatile food and energy prices, and is usually much slower to rise—and more difficult to bring down. Since October, core inflation in the euro zone […]