Biden Given Ukraine $376 per Every American to Defeat Russia

Let’s put this insanity in perspective. Russia’s entire military spending in 2021 hit $66bn. Biden has handed Ukraine nearly TWICE the entire military budget of Russia to destroy Russia to make the dreams of the Neocons come true. He has handed Ukraine, the most corrupt country perhaps in the world, the equivalent of $376 from […]

NatCons, the American System, and the Founders

Did America’s Founding Fathers really embrace a nationalist economic program of tariffs and industrial subsidies? According to the “National Conservative” movement, such Founding Era luminaries as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison eventually abandoned their free-trade instincts and embraced a program of economic policies not unlike the NatCon agenda today. The American Compass website celebrates “Thomas […]

Biden’s “Buy American” Scheme a Bad Deal for America

In words seemingly echoing his predecessor, President Joe Biden highlighted his “buy American” initiative in his 2023 State of the Union Address last week.  “When we do these projects, and again I get criticized for this but I make no excuses for it, we’re gonna buy American,” Biden said. The new rules will require materials […]