The Biden Budget: Smoke, Mirrors, and Class Warfare

As an academic economist, my job is to pursue the truth, so I am always flummoxed by the rhetoric coming out of that great regulatory factory on the Potomac, belching negative externalities that gum up the economy. In 2000, I chided the Trump-led CARES Act as a stimulus bill that wasn’t. Only about 20 percent […]

Biden Given Ukraine $376 per Every American to Defeat Russia

Let’s put this insanity in perspective. Russia’s entire military spending in 2021 hit $66bn. Biden has handed Ukraine nearly TWICE the entire military budget of Russia to destroy Russia to make the dreams of the Neocons come true. He has handed Ukraine, the most corrupt country perhaps in the world, the equivalent of $376 from […]

Biden & Putin Duel with Words

President Vladimir Putin shot down the balloons claiming he would declare war on NATO, martial law in Russia, or announce a new major wave of military mobilization because Russia is losing. What is really sad is to find the total lack of any unbiased account from any mainstream media around the world whatsoever proving that […]