Jeremy Hunt targets business in ‘Budget for growth’

This article is an on-site version of our Disrupted Times newsletter. Sign up here to get the newsletter sent straight to your inbox three times a week Today’s top stories BlackRock chief Larry Fink raised the spectre of a “slow rolling crisis” after the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. Here’s our SVB coverage in full. […]

The Biden Budget: Smoke, Mirrors, and Class Warfare

As an academic economist, my job is to pursue the truth, so I am always flummoxed by the rhetoric coming out of that great regulatory factory on the Potomac, belching negative externalities that gum up the economy. In 2000, I chided the Trump-led CARES Act as a stimulus bill that wasn’t. Only about 20 percent […]

Budget: The Financial Times’s Sloppiness

We should expect politicians to lie, or at least to make misleading statements, whenever they can get away with it. But we would normally expect the Financial Times to be careful with information (which is why I have been an addict to this newspaper for most of my life). An exception is their story of […]

Canada’s Budget Officer Admits the Truth About Global Warming’s Impact

  The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) recently released a report on the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on Canadian GDP growth over the next 80 years. I’ve written previously about the recent economics literature investigating the link (or lack thereof) between global warming and economic growth. It’s a fascinating topic and I’ve been actively working […]