What the US Can Learn From Taiwan’s Success in Chip Manufacturing

Following the recent US-imposed microchip bans on China, The Biden Administration launched the CHIPS for America Funding Opportunity. The administration aims to revitalize the domestic semiconductor industry and restore US leadership in chip manufacturing. Like many of the administration’s recent actions, the Act is a form of industrial policy whereby the government imposes regulations or […]

Ransomware attack on chip supplier causes delays for semiconductor groups

Disruption from a ransomware attack on a little-known supplier to the world’s largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers will continue into March, in a new setback to chip production after years of Covid-related delays. US-based MKS Instruments told investors and suppliers this week that it had yet to fully recover from a “ransomware event”, first identified on […]

Book Review: How the “Chip War” Vindicates Economics

Sometimes, economists get so stuck in their abstract theories that they lose sight of the real world, something they, as scientists, proclaim to investigate. Economists insisted, for example, that public goods like education cannot be sufficiently supplied privately, only to find that they can, are, and were. Or, textbooks say, common-pool resources get tragically depleted, […]