Where to start reading about women in the classical liberal tradition?

There are two core questions when it comes to thinking about women in the classical liberal tradition. First, what have women contributed to classical liberalism as a body of thought? Second, what does classical liberalism as a set of ideas have to say about the question of women’s rights? I recently received an email asking […]

Mario Vargas Llosa’s classical liberalism

Should social scientists read a book on classical liberalism written by a great novelist? Many would be skeptical, assuming that a novelist, no matter how great, can hardly contribute an original perspective on matters concerned with economic and political ideas. Yet in the case of Mario Vargas Llosa they would be wrong, as proved by […]

Breaking Free From Political Polarization With Classical…

Progressives are ascendant in the ongoing culture wars, while conservatives fight to recover lost ground. But do these opposing camps have more in common than they care to admit? And is there a political philosophy that sees the world differently? Bruce Pardy, a professor of law and executive director of Rights Probe, a think tank […]