Don’t Listen to De-growthers — Economic Growth Is Healthy!  

With the pandemic and the rise of climate alarmism, attacks on economic growth have multiplied. An increasingly larger set of pundits, academics, and politicians now embrace some variants of de-growth. They tie economic growth to a variety of “bad” outcomes. One of those “bads” is the idea that economic growth is not yielding many fruits […]

You Use the Roads, Don’t You?

It happened again, just last week. I mentioned at lunch that I was a libertarian, and one of my lunch mates snorted and said, “What a hypocrite. I bet you drove here today on a public road, didn’t you?” For some reason, a lot of folks think this is a knock-down argument against classical liberalism, […]

Don’t Expand Deposit Insurance. Abolish It!

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has some policymakers considering expanding government deposit insurance to cover all deposits. Those advocating such a move believe it will help stabilize the banking system and prevent future bank runs. While these are desirable objectives, expanding deposit insurance won’t accomplish them. The notion that deposit insurance could destabilize the […]