Tomorrow in the Store | Armstrong Economics

Tomorrow we will list the Widow Mites and the 1st Century Roman Nails in a Shadow Box Frame. The Price will be $125 including postage. Additional pieces will be at $100 each. A lot of people have asked if they can buy 10 for gifts. We have made up 400 based on the survey of […]

Damar Hamlin and Sam Peltzman: Where Football Meets Economics

Damar Hamlin’s shocking injury on the field on January 2nd has reignited debates about safety in the dangerous sport. Safety should be a top priority, but if the NFL or worse, lawmakers, decide to increase safety standards, they may increase critical injuries rather than decrease them. The key to this is the Peltzman Effect. In […]

Book Review: How the “Chip War” Vindicates Economics

Sometimes, economists get so stuck in their abstract theories that they lose sight of the real world, something they, as scientists, proclaim to investigate. Economists insisted, for example, that public goods like education cannot be sufficiently supplied privately, only to find that they can, are, and were. Or, textbooks say, common-pool resources get tragically depleted, […]

The Economics of Self-Improvement – Econlib

Economics, as the science of human action, can be applied to self-improvement. Perhaps the essence of self-improvement is that if one sacrifices for the future, the sacrifice pays dividends. Whether one’s focus is on working out, eating healthy, or building better habits- delayed gratification wins out against the pleasures of the here and now. This […]