What Should Economists Do? Price Theory or Microeconomics?

In his 1963 Presidential Address to the Southern Economic Association, later published as “What Should Economists Do?”, James Buchanan called for “economists to modify their thought processes, to look at the same phenomena through ‘another window,’ to use Nietzsche’s appropriate metaphor. I want them to concentrate on ‘exchange’ rather than on ‘choice’” (1964, p. 217). […]

Economists say Moscow and Putin won’t drain war chest any time soon

Men wearing military uniform walk along Red Square in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral in central Moscow on February 13, 2023. Alexander Nemenov | Afp | Getty Images The coming months will be critical in figuring out how Russia’s economy is holding up in the face of a new suite of sanctions, and for how […]

Have economists misunderstood inflation? | The Economist

Imagine it is late 2024. Inflation in the rich world has fallen from its peak but stayed stubbornly high. At around 4%, it is well above the level at which most central banks are comfortable. Governments, weighed down by vast debts, must use precious revenues to pay interest on the debt, which itself is growing […]

As China reopens and data surprises, economists are starting to get less gloomy

The European Central Bank is expected to continue raising rates aggressively in the short-term as the euro zone economy proves more resilient than anticipated. Haussmann Visuals | Moment | Getty Images After China’s reopening and a deluge of positive data surprises in recent weeks, economists are upgrading their previously gloomy outlooks for the global economy. […]