Social Security May Be Failing Well Over a Million People With Disabilities – And COVID-19 Is Making the Problem Worse

Conor here: It’s interesting to read this in tandem with all the gnashing of teeth from capital about worker shortages. The Brookings Institution recently estimated that “the labor force is about 900,000 people smaller than one would have expected, primarily because of deaths related to COVID-19 and reduced immigration.” Brookings concluded with the following: Ultimately, the amount […]

Ga. Reps Slice Possible Lifeline for Kids in Failing Schools

Bring on the education savings accounts. In March, Florida passed a comprehensive school choice framework, hot on the heels of Iowa and Utah, offering parents increased choice and flexibility with how earmarked education dollars are spent. That bottled potential will soon be unleashed in Arkansas, and odds look good for Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. Over […]

South Africa’s Power Grid is Failing

South Africa is desperate for allies, economic allies. The country is failing and the people are suffering. There is international outrage right now misdirected at South Africa for its desire to host the Bric summit with Russia, China, Brazil, and India. The International Criminal Court (ICC) wants to arrest Putin for his war crimes, and […]