What does Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse mean for the financial system?

Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly. That is how Silicon Valley Bank (svb), the 16th-largest lender in America, with about $200bn in assets, went bust. Its financial position deteriorated over several years. But just two days elapsed between the San Francisco-based bank’s announcement on March 8th that it was seeking to raise $2.5bn to plug a […]

Budget: The Financial Times’s Sloppiness

We should expect politicians to lie, or at least to make misleading statements, whenever they can get away with it. But we would normally expect the Financial Times to be careful with information (which is why I have been an addict to this newspaper for most of my life). An exception is their story of […]

Presentation: How to Avoid Financial Disasters

    I did a brand new presentation last week, the first one since the pandemic lockdown began 3 years ago this month. I mentioned how much fun it was to get back on stage, but it definitely took a while to settle into a groove. Haven’t brought myself to watch the full discussion yet, […]