As China fixes its property mess, can foreign capitalists benefit?

Overseas investors have been pecking at the Evergrande empire for well over a year. They have so far come away with very little. The Chinese company, which is the world’s most indebted property developer, with some $300bn in liabilities, defaulted in late 2021 and has been fending off creditors ever since. When the firm delayed […]

Chinese officials promise foreign investors greater access

Foreign investors have been flooding into China over the past two weeks. For all but a few, it is their first trip in three years, since the country walled itself off from the outside world in a bid to exclude covid-19. Those who did enter during the height of China’s zero-covid mania spent weeks in […]

Foreign companies navigate China’s three-headed Cerberus

The writer is a visiting scholar at the Yale Law School’s Tsai China Center and the technology analyst at Gavekal Dragonomics Beijing’s opening-up party took place last weekend in a notably subdued mood. The China Development Forum was a setting for western business leaders to gather with the new leadership that will govern the country […]