Inconvenient View, Free Press Edition

Scott Sumner recently posted on the importance of holding views that are inconvenient to your larger beliefs. I agree – it’s important for good intellectual hygiene to be aware of these things. In his excellent book Governing Least: A New England Libertarianism, Dan Moller makes a similar point, using constitutional law as a framing device: […]

Free Markets Made Charlie Brown and Snoopy Possible

So many of our criticisms of Marxist practice revolve around its devastatingly bad outcomes for standards of living. There’s good reason for this. In the early 1960s, somewhere between 15 and 50 million people (we cannot know exactly how many because communist states do not permit free and open inquiry of government records) starved to […]

Breaking Free From Political Polarization With Classical…

Progressives are ascendant in the ongoing culture wars, while conservatives fight to recover lost ground. But do these opposing camps have more in common than they care to admit? And is there a political philosophy that sees the world differently? Bruce Pardy, a professor of law and executive director of Rights Probe, a think tank […]