Housing is Scarce? Then Fine Those Who Provide It

Peter May 22 2023 at 1:04pm It’s all about your local market.  I live here in Honolulu, a single walled studio with no HVAC, no parking, no laundry, jalousies, and rampant mold and roach infestations will easily go $1300 and rent out in a week. And professionally I deal with trying to house homeless families.  […]

The rich world’s housing crunch is far from over

At times during the long boom that followed the global financial crisis of 2007-09, it seemed as if house prices would never stop rising. Sales surged as a cocktail of ultra-low interest rates and supply shortages boosted competition for properties. Things are very different today. In countries across the rich world, from America to New […]

What if new housing does not reduce housing prices?

Almost all economists believe that a policy change that encourages the building of more housing will tend to reduce housing prices.  That’s what the laws of supply and demand seem to predict.  There are empirical studies supporting this claim.  And yet, according to Bloomberg many people do not seem to accept the obvious: In a working […]